Richard Ressel

Richard is both painter and sculptor. Known for his earthenware striped bowls, he is also proficient with egg tempura, watercolor, and casein. He is a member of the National Watercolor Society and several of his pieces have won at the national level.

Teresa Haag

Teresa works out of her studio storefront in vibrant Downtown Phoenixville, PA. She works in oils on top of newspaper covered board. She sketches her subject directly with paint and works in thin layers allowing areas of the newspaper to show through, creating noise and adding depth to each piece.

Jenny Germann

Born in Hutchinson, KS, Jenny now lives in Lancaster, PA. She holds a BFA from the University of Kansas and is earning her MS from Eastern University. Her images created through wood burning and brought to life with paint are based on her travels and daily observations.

Rhoda Kahler

Rhoda Kahler resides in West Chester, PA and received her BFA from Wester Chester University in 1995. Her clay tile work is inspired by nature. Each piece embodies the emotion felt by a relationship to the source of inspiration.

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Sherri Trial

Sherri Trial has garnered many awards in national and international juried exhibits, combining lettering and the abstract. “I interpret text to create a visual mood, where sometimes the legibility of the words becomes secondary”. She lives and works in Pennsylvania.

Susan Gottlieb

Susan's art celebrates the colors and depths of life. Her paintings are a layered response to the strata of time, the experiences and stories she discovers on her travels. Susan lives and works in Lancaster, PA.

Gay Cox

Gay defines her work as “transvision” – seeing beyond the bare world in front of us to something vaster and full of grace- making the invisible essence present, expressive and tangible to others.

Lee Lovett

Lee lives and works in Lancaster, PA. She received her BFA from The Rhode Island School of Design. Lee often employs a technique of mixed media -incorporating both image and words to relay subtle meaning to her work. Her work includes landscapes, still life, and memories of her travels.

Robert Libby

Robert's paintings show three distinct worlds of reflected surfaces as they simultaneously act and collide. Born in Philadelphia, he now resides in Phoenixville, PA. Robert received his BFA from Millersville, PA and his MFA in painting at the University of Arts in Philadelphia (2011).

Ken Karlic

Originally from Chicago, Ken received a BFA from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. He calls his style, "sophisticated chaos," where an accurate drawing gives way to an expressive painting. His works have a basis in the representational, but often dissolve into some level of abstraction. K ...

Beth Bathe

Beth Bathe is a Plein Air painter. A Virginia Commonwealth University graduate, Beth is highly influenced by American Regionalist painter Andrew Wyeth. She refers to much of her subject matter as “the vanishing landscape.” Her representational paintings have been described by art critics as “ ...

Katherine Horst

Katherine Horst, a graduate of Pennsylvania College of Art & Design, lives in Manheim, PA. She has developed a refined skill as a collage artist-incorporating various materials such as layered paper and paint to convey a sense of beauty. Katherine's knowledge and experience with traditional techniqu ...

Justin Johnson

Justin is from Lancaster and graduated from the PA Academy of Fine Arts. He works in both oil and metal point. As an artist and avid reader, literature has always played a major role in Justin's life and work. The appealing narratives that he explores in books have taken on a new fascination throug ...

Terry Wise

Terry lives in Berkshire County, western MA. Her paintings are filled with the printed patterns and lively colors of textiles, and celebrate home, family and community. Terry has evolved into being a painter by way of a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Textile Design from Indiana University, studies ...

Jerry Brown

Jerry is a watercolorist, enthralled and under the spell of the medium. Most people in Lancaster would remember Jerry as The Monkey Man. For 52 years, he traveled the nation, performing in theaters, schools, churches, fairs, festivals, and community events as a variety entertainer, and for 30 of tho ...

Marilene Sawaf

Marilene is a New Hampshire artist, born in Egypt, grew up in Italy and the Middle East. After Marilene's arrival in the USA in 1980, her first paintings were inspired by her education in Interior Design and Architecture and her taste for enigmatic, colorful images. Although she started with lands ...

Gaylen Bray

Gaylen received a BFA from Moore College of Art & Design and a M.Ed. from Cabrini College. She taught at Pennsylvania College of Art & Design and in the School District of Lancaster. Her paintings and collages mix literary and visual elements, inspired by nature.

Robert Patierno

Robert received an MFA in printmaking from Syracuse University. He is an internationally renowned printmaker, draftsman, and painter. An avid fisherman, his graphic works often reflect his time spent outdoors along the Susquehanna River and surrounding rural landscapes.

Carol Lesher

Carol resides in Kennett Square, PA. She received her BFA in painting from the University of Delaware in 1985. Carol is known for her expressionistic landscapes and her works are represented in many public and private collections.

Laura Luce

Laura began at Moore college of Art and Design in Philadelphia, but graduated from Pennsylvania College of Art and Design in 2010. She currently lives in Lancaster. Her collage techniques explore a charted experimentation of living a life in transition.

Eric Fowler

When not teaching at the Pennsylvania College of Art and Design, Fowler works as the Collections Manager for the Society of Illustrators Museum in New York City, curating, conserving and installing great works by the world’s best artists.

Michelle Spiziri

As a painter, I am interested in what happens when color, form, movement, and shape interact with each other forming their own dialogue. Painting for me is as much about self discovery as it is about visual space. I paint in response to what my subconscious mind makes room for.

Abigail Dudley

Abigail is a recent Graduate of PAFA and this year's recipient of the CX Carlson Summer Residency

Portia Mortensen

Notations of balance through the exploration of light and color within the context of cadence, tempo and rhythm

Allison Miller

Allison attended the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts. She also studied sports science at the University of Delaware. Her paintings are not just about the subject matter, but are melancholic self-portraits that hopefully create an emotional or visceral experience.

Kim Smith

Kim, a Lancaster County native, seems to have been born with the love of art in her soul. She earned her BFA in Communication Design from Kutztown University and has owned TCG Design in East Petersburg for more than 27 years.

Jackie Madsen

Jackie graduated from Kutztown University with a degree in Art Education and taught advanced art at Donegal High School in Mount Joy. The art of drawing and mark making influences all of her varied subject matter.

Molly Sanger Carpenter

“Exquisite”and “Magical” are two of the descriptions used for the unique work of classically-trained and internationally-collected artist Molly Sanger Carpenter’s intricate and precious objets d’art.

Terri Amig

erri Amig attended The Corcoran School of Art and California Institute of Art. Having grown up in central Pennsylvania, she is now based on the coast of southern New Jersey. Her work addresses the laws of nature that bind us all, primarily through animal imagery.

Steve R. Coffey

Capturing the atmosphere from the immensity and grandeur of the plains to the human mark etched upon it, Steve's plaintive and expressive palette of light and movement draw both from his past and from the present day of all that surrounds him. His medium is oil on canvas. Steve received an MFA fro ...

Sheri Bare

Sheri Bare a Lancaster County native has a passion for working with clay. Primarily self taught she draws on her professional experience as an interior designer and love of color pattern and texture when working on her pieces. Sheri owns Room with a View in Mount Joy for more than 27 years.

Stuart Dunkel

Stuart Dunkel currently lives in Boston. He received classical training at The Boston Museum School and Academy of Realistic Art in Seattle. Stuart defines himself as a contemporary realist. His work evokes joy, optimism, humor, and playfulness.

Mark Dennis

Native to York County, PA. Mark Dennis has a BA in Technical Theatre from Mansfield State College. Developing his sculpting skills in multiple mediums, Mark evolved into one of the top doll makers. Currently he has opted to return to a relaxed style by utilizing architectural epoxy in which he can ...

Jake Johnson

I live and work in Waynesboro VA. I exhibit my work nationally and sell through galleries and occasional art fairs. I think that feeling of animation and energy has remained constant, and it is this which I view as the defining characteristic of what I produce.

Alicia Irwin

Alicia Irwin was born in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. She studied the principals of art and design while attending Millersville University. There is real delicacy in her conscious planning and execution, while maintaining the utmost care to retain the objects visual and historical integrity.

Roberta Little

Whacky Wooden Whimsical Wall Sculptures created from found objects and intricately painted surfaces!

Scott Cantrell

Scott currently teaches art in Lancaster, PA. He received a M.A.Ed at Millersville University, PA and a MFA from the Vermont College of Fine Art. Scott's work often deals with nostalgia, ideology, and interpretations of vintage images.

Kristin Blanck

Kristin Blanck lives in Lancaster, PA. After graduating from West Chester University with a degree in Anthropology/Archaeology and a minor in Art History, she received a Masters in Fashion Design at Drexel University. Working in oils, she finds herself drawn to still life compositions.

Jan Wier

Jan was born in Texas, raised in Arkansas and now resides in Phoenixville, PA. Jan has a business degree from the University of Arkansas, but later in life decided to pursue her love of art. Her work is painterly, lush, and expressionistic.

Lynn Davison

LYNN DAVISON resides in Naples, FL. Davison, a graduate of the Ringling School of Art and Design, is a figurative painter who hopes to provoke introspection through her work. Intending to reveal a universal truth of what it means to be human – sometimes disconnected and vulnerable.

Gail Troutman

Gail grew up in Bucks County Pennsylvania where she now resides. While there she studied graphic design at Bucks County Community College. “As self-taught mosaic artist, Gail began in the traditional Pique Assiette style by using broken china in a playful, unstructured way. She continues to expe ...

Lynnette Shelley

Lynnette is a Pennsylvania artist specializing in contemporary mixed media animal paintings and illustrations. Her mythological-themed artworks have been displayed nationally as well as regionally. She is originally from Delaware and currently lives in Ambler, PA.

Jeff Schaller

Jeff Schaller graduated at Beaver College. His pop art paintings tie together his love of silk screen, encaustic, and acrylic. His work has been on the hit TV show 'Friends'. He has done murals for all 21 Iron Hill Breweries. His work is in collections both here and abroad.

Catherine Suttle

Catherine lives in a Delaware River town. Her paintings evolved from a decade of making clay sculpture. She focuses on the potency of color; provide surprise and awkwardness in an environment of equilibrium; and engross the viewer who notices their subtle nuances.

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Dennis Martin

As a boy Dennis doodled, sketched and drew on school tablets while his teachers lectured. He went on and spent 25 years as a management consultant, traveling 50 weeks a year throughout the country. Upon retiring from consulting he settled in Hershey and reengaged in art.

Dave Krantz

Dave Krantz has a B.S. in Art Education from Kutztown University. His childhood memories of life on a Lancaster County farm and how light plays against buildings and objects often enters into his work.

Devon Stackonis

Devon is a painter and printmaker from Berks County, PA, working primarily from observed landscapes. She Received her BFA from Kutztown University with a concentration in painting and currently is the Assistant in Printmaking at Bucknell University.

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Adam Bunting

Adam currently teaches Art at Garden Spot High School where he is also head wrestling coach. He received his M.A.Ed from Millersville University. Wildlife, Landscapes and nature inspire his exploration of color, texture and composition.

Emily Thompson

Emily earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from the School of Visual Arts in New York. Emily documents the ordinary, the everyday, the nostalgic, the abandoned and the identity of the American landscape. Inspiration comes from urban and industrial scenery, vintage signage and typography.

Elizabeth Staz

Elizabeth's paintings are an expression of life filtered through the spirit of one human being. Her feelings about the excitement of living are visually translated via interactions with friends and family, moments in nature, and ideas from books or current events.

James Maria

James earned his BFA in painting at Kutztown University, PA. He now resides in Reading, Pennsylvania. His work reflects inspiration from his local environment and community; finding beauty in what is often overlooked.

Jean Zaun

Jean received her BS in Art Ed from Kutztown University and lives in Fredericksburg, PA. Her subject matter varies and her goal is to create varied works that are honest and reflect her intimate personal glimpses of what she loves about the world through direct painting application.

Jennifer Hartz

Jennifer received her MFA from the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts. She is a Printmaker and Mixed Media Artist from Southeastern PA. Her work explores themes of identity, memory and the fragility of the human body.

Jill Peckelun

Jill is from Lebanon County, PA and currently lives in Hershey. She received her BA from Albright College. Jill is a plein air painter and a colorist with a distinctive style that sets her apart.

Katheryn Stott Buxton

Katheryn received her BFA from Brigham Young University, UT in 1993. Katheryn's work balance color and light to create peaceful environments; a quiet visual escape. She refers to her enclosed intimate spaces as "nature's cathedral".

Kristen Woodward

Kristen received a BFA in Printmaking from Syracuse University, and an MFA from Clemson University. Her mixed media works combine painting and printmaking, and encaustic. Kristen is currently a Professor of Art and Department Chair at Albright College.

Matt Savitsky

Matt Savitsky was born in Lancaster, PA,1982. He is a multidisciplinary performance artist who lives in Los Angeles. He received his MFA from UC San Diego and his BFA from Cooper Union. He is currently a professor of film & video at the University of San Diego and of Photographic Practices at Cal St ...