During these unprecedented times, we reach out to our amazing art community to ask for your support.  Please see below as we have 3 options for your consideration.

Although we are hard at work maintaining our online presence, we truly have no idea what the months ahead will look like.  Any donation, no matter how small, will be much appreciated.  100% of all donations will go toward paying rent, utilities, and essential operating costs.

There will be no shipping fees added to anything sold on our donation page.

Make a Donation

Option 1:  Support Red Raven by making a donation using the PayPal link below. Donations can be of any amount.

Option 2:  Any donation of $200 or more will receive an 8 x 8 canvas reproduction as a thank you.

Donation Amount

Title of 8x8 Canvas Print
If making a donation of $200 or more please specify the title of the 8x8 canvas print you'd like to receive. (Go to Home Page, Click on purchase Fine Art Prints, Click on 8 x 8 Canvas Prints in order to view selection)

Purchase Donated Work

Option 3:  We can't thank our family of artists enough for their support in donating original artwork for our Red Raven Fundraiser.   If you choose to purchase any of these donated works, 100% of the proceeds will go directly toward supporting Red Raven's operating expenses.  We appreciate your consideration.

Both artists and art lovers alike are coming together to make sure the things we love most about our city don't disappear during this pandemic.

Thank you all !!

Alicia Irwin, The Stubborn Airwaves

Purchase Original: $900.00
Charcoal and Graphite 12 x 17

Robert Patierno, Cityscape I

Purchase Original: $250.00
Oil on Panel 10 x 10

Regina Martin, Poppies #10

Purchase Original: $600.00
Acrylic on 2 inch deep stretched canvas-ready to hang 24 x 24

Jackie Madsen, Buddy

Purchase Original: $240.00
Oil on Panel 7 x 5

Lee Lovett, This is the Garden

Purchase Original: $300.00
Oil on stretched Canvas- ready to hang 10 x 20

Robert Patierno, Cityscape II

Purchase Original: $250.00
Oil on Panel 10 x 10

Blair Atherholt, Red Plum

Purchase Original: $700.00
Oil on Panel 6 x 6

Jenny Germann, The Secret Garden

Purchase Original: $700.00
Watercolor and Woodburning 19 x 17

Art Harrington, Textured Series #42C

Purchase Original: $900.00
Mixed Media 24 x 24

Regina Martin, The Road Less Traveled #9

Purchase Original: $600.00
Acrylic on panel and framed- ready to hang 20 x 24

Jill Peckelun, Summer Time Porch

Purchase Original: $375.00
Oil on Panel 8 x 8

Steve Coffey, Home Trail

Purchase Original: $1100.00
Oil on stretched Canvas- ready to hang 16 x 16

Scott Cantrell, Cheers

Purchase Original: $650.00
Oil on Panel 14 x 24

Among the Boats

Purchase Original: $900.00
Oil on Paper, framed 21 x 25

Between the Curtains

Purchase Original: $400.00
Watercolor 13 x 20

Patricia Wertz, Echinaceas

Purchase Original: $800.00
Oil on stretched Canvas 20 x 16

Terry Wise, Glass and Blossom

Purchase Original: $1200.00
Oil on Panel-ready to hang 20 x 24