We are excited for the prospect of new drywall and paint as we enter into the next decade or so of business!  Gallery Row and Lancaster’s Art scene is growing in leaps and bounds.  We can’t wait to reopen April 2nd with our next show featuring local artists Jackie Madsen and Matt Johanning.  Join us for First Friday, April 5th from 5 – 8 pm and meet the artists!

Hello everyone, Thanks so much for the amazing support of our annual VCA Animal Hospital Fundraiser. This fund helps animals in the city who need surgeries, whose owners can’t afford them. We have been doing this for over 10 years. This year’s winners are as follows:

Jan Wier’s Original Oil Painting: Teatime, Tina B
Lee Lovett’s Aspen Trees: Elizabeth M
Regina Martin’s Porcelain Pucker: Kathleen R
Adam Bunting’s Emerald Street: Barbara
Patricia Wertz, Original Oil Landscape: Marlena K
Steve Wilson’s College Ave Print: Vickie P
Sherri Trial’s To Plant a Garden: Kieta C
Regina Martin’s Barnscape Framed Print: Carrie L
Robert Andriulli’s Sanibel Island Original Oil: Ed C
Jerry Brown’s Amtrak Original Watercolor: Bill M
Alicia Irwin’s Retro Radio: Roxy
Jackie Madsen’s Figure, Original Mixed Media: Roberta L
Gaylen Bray, Wormmoon Original Collage: Barbara P
Regina Martin’s Bee Kind Print: Nancy
Fred Rodger’s Hummingbird Original Acrylic: Ceil T
Gay Cox’s Grapeful Original Oil: Terri B
Peg Belcastro’s Original Oil Figure: Erin

Hello everyone, We can’t thank you all enough for supporting our annual fundraiser supporting VCA Animal Hospital which gives animals surgeries whose owners can’t afford them.
This year’s winners are the following:
Misty, Bridget, Carrie, Brauton, Kim, Jim, Lisa, Greg, Sharon, Dan, Kate, and Bill.
Thank you all so Much!!!!

Hello everyone, Our World Central Kitchen Fundraiser was a HUGE success and we can’t thank you enough for supporting our efforts. We hope that this will be a small part in helping the people of Ukraine.
Here is a list of our winners!!!!

Dan F                      Peggy B                         Sharon                   Cindy W
Brigid                      Lisa L                            Nancy J                  Lauren
Susan S                  Donna                           Ed S                         Cathy C
Karen S                  Kelly                              Gay Z                       Dan F
Dave                       Barb S                           Brandon D
Jill B                       Jon                                Sheri B
Jim P                     Kate H                            Bill M
Audra B                Amy S                            Claire M
Jeff                        Jean F                             Ann S
Shirley                  Zandra                            Beth R

Had a fun First Friday evening and even better artist talk with both Regina Martin and Stuart Dunkel !

Stop into see the show all month long!!!