May: Charity Fund News

May 6, 2014

Zelda   Lucky and Breeze 2014

“Zelda” – she is the sweetest Pit Bull Mix that was finally adopted!  A brief background – she was relinquished to a shelter in Philadelphia where she spent 2 years of her life; the Lancaster SPCA adopted out so many dogs that they had space to take in a few more.  They picked up some of the dogs at the Philly shelter and brought them to the Lancaster shelter to see if they would have a better chance at finding a home.  Zelda was in the shelter for a few weeks and finally last week she found her new family!!!!  She is high energy and loves going on walks but most of all she loves to cuddle and sit right in your lap.  Money from the Leroy and Gizmo Fund was used for her care.

Lucky and Breeze were found in a backpack at the Lancaster SPCA.  Someone dropped them there overnight, when that awful “polar vortex” was here – somehow they survived the 0 degree weather!  They were given the medical attention they needed and were adopted together by a wonderful family!