2023 Sensational Six, ...........Our Favorite 6 Art4Everyone ................. Raffle, WIN FREE ART !

The100% of money raised goes to the artists who created each piece.


PURCHASE RAFFLE TICKETS  $5 a Ticket.  If you spend $20 we will write up 10 tickets for you and will divide up your tickets between the artists you choose!

Purchase tickets,online or in person at the gallery.  Raffle runs Thanksgiving Day thru December 19th. We will announce the winners December 19th and contact you, so that you can pick up your piece prior to holidays.

Congratulations to our six artists:

Matt Johanning, Happy Hour

Jackie Madsen, Study in Greens

Kristin Blanck, Cheese Please

Molly Sanger Carpenter, Tossing the Moon

Adam Bunting, The Karate Kid

Jan Wier, It's Your Day


Also purchase raffle tickets for Fred Rodger's take on our collective experience!

50% of all money raised for this piece will go directly to the Lancaster Food Bank.

Fred Rodger, when archaeologists dig this up 1000 years from now, imagine the theories they will come up with to explain this ancient holiday ritual!

Happy Hour, Oil by Matt Johanning

Study in Greens, Oil by Jackie Madsen

Cheese Please, Oil by Kristin Blanck

Tossing the Moon, Mosaic & Gold Leaf by Molly Sanger Carpenter

The Karate Kid, Watercolor by Adam Bunting

It's Your Day! by Jan Wier