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September, 2020

A Collaboration of the Gods

by Fred Rodger and Mark Dennis,  17 paintings, done by Fred with all framing and sculpture done by Mark


BASTET   (Egyptian) She was the goddess of cats, the home, women’s secrets, fertility and childbirth.  She protected the home from evil spirits and disease, especially diseases associated with women and children.  She was worshiped in the form of a cat.

OLYMPUS (Greek) The home of the Gods and the site of the throne of Zeus.  It was from Olympus that the 12 principal gods  (referred to as Olympians) presided over the world.  The gods feasted on ambrosia and drank nectar.

THE QUEST FOR THE HOLY GRAIL The grail was said to be the cup used in the Last Supper and at the Crucifixion to have received the blood of Christ.  It was brought to Britain by Joseph of Arimathea.  King Arthur sent the knights Galahad, Perceval, and Bors on the quest for the grail.  They did find it and were the only ones to see it.  Nobody has seen it since.

THE VALKYRIES  (Norse Lands) These supernatural beauties were commanded by Odin.  They charged into battles on magnificent horses.  They determined who would live and who would die.  The Valkyries were invisible to the living.  As immortal warrior women they served horns of sacred beer and mead to the bravest and heroic fighters.

CUPID  (Roman)  EROS  (Greek) Cupid was the son of Mercury and Venus.  He was generally viewed as a good guy because of the happiness he imparted to couples, however he was also considered mischievous in his match-making.

BACCHUS  (Roman)  DIONYSUS  (Greek) He was the God of agriculture and wine.  As the son of Jupiter (Zeus in Greek)  he wandered the earth showing people how to grow vines and process grapes for wine.  He was also associated with fertility, drama, and revelry.

FREYA  (Norse Lands) She is the goddess of love and is associated with sex, lust, beauty, sorcery, fertility, gold, war, and death.  She travels on a cat-drawn chariot and sometimes rode a cat herself.  A group of dwarfs crafted a beautiful gold necklace for her.

APOLLO and DAPHNE  (Greek) Apollo was a youthful Olympian god of the sun, music, poetry, medicine, philosophy, science, and archery.  Daphne is shown escaping Apollo’s embrace.  Daphne’s father, a river god, turned her into a laurel tree.  Apollo then made laurel leaves sacred.  The Greeks used laurel wreaths to crown poets and athletes.

FRIGG  (Norse)  Frigg was Odin’s wife.  A sky goddess, she lived in her own palace and her weaving turned into clouds, her robes turned the colors of the sky.  She adored her two sons, Hod and Balder.  Hod, known because he was blind, was always willing to help people.  Balder, known for being handsome, was peaceful.  Both were sweet-tempered, perhaps because Frigg loved them so much.

CHILDREN OF THE SUN GOD  (Navajo) White Corn Boy and Yellow Corn Girl were considered Holy People.  Here they are depicted with the sacred maize plant, their gift to the mortals.

QUETZALCOATL  (Aztec)  The Aztecs believed they lived beneath the sun of Quetzalcoatl, the plumed serpent god.  Quetzalcoatl was the god of creation, learning, and the wind.  He uses a ladder that links heaven and earth.

RA  (Egyptian) RA was the god of the sun and the first pharaoh of the world.  Each day Re’s sun ship would sail across the sky, and each night it would travel through the underground sailing the River of Darkness.

NUT  (Egyptian) Nut is one of the most ancient deities in Egyptian mythology dating back to 3100 BC.  She was the sky goddess and her role was to protect the dead and when reaching heaven they became stars.  Therefore, Nut was also the mother of the stars and the sun.

IGALUK  (Inuit) Igaluk is the moon spirit of the Inuit in the arctic regions of North America.  Igaluk is a powerful and skilled hunter who lives in the sky.  In Alaska, all creatures that are hunted for food and fur fall under Igaluk’s power.  He is also the guardian of mortals.  The board around his face is the air, the hoops represent the cosmos, and the feathers symbolize the stars.

MIMI  (Australian Aboriginal Spirits) The Mimi are very thin spindly little spirits that live in rock crevices.  If you travel there, you should warn them of your approach.  If you tread on one or harm a wallaby, they will attack you.  For sport, the Mimi love chasing emus as the sing and dance.

MINERVA  (Roman)  ATHENA  (Greek)  The virgin goddess of war and wisdom, and patron of the arts and crafts.  Like Athena of Athens, Minerva became the protector of Rome.

 ISIS   (Egyptian) Isis was the embodiment of the faithful wife and loving mother.  As the divine ruler of Egypt, she introduced marriage and taught people to make bread, spin, weave, and cure disease.  Isis became a goddess of immense magical power.  She is shown wearing a crown of cow horns with a sun disk.