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Susan Gottlieb

Breathing Space

A Line A Smudge A Tear

Landscapes that breathe, still lives that glow, places that intrigue all captured with a line, or smudge or tear.

Experiences and stories slip away like mercury spilling from a bottle, and they will be nearly forgotten if you do not catch them. Capture the moment however you can. A scribble, a line, a smudge, a tear, a word, will concretize the experience for you.

 Smudges might remind you of cows out in a meadow or of fog hanging heavy over slumbering grapevines. A line will capture the crest of a hill or the edge of an arch. A torn scrap of paper lends itself to the rolling sand dunes of New Mexico or the edge of land at the Salton Sea.

Breathing Space includes a collection of tiny paintings done from the passenger seat of yet another cross-country drive. With now tens of thousands of miles on the road these paintings focus on the essential capture of space, light and color.

All the small paintings can be enjoyed, in the order they were created, in my latest art book A Line A Smudge A Tear.  25 states, 13 days, 5 kids, 2 faculty, 7600 miles