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November, Art Harrington and Allison Miller

Art Harrington

Texture and Figure

Artist Statement

Figures and Texture, my latest series, illustrates not only my use of textured materials to create our varied landscape but also my interest in and respect for the Bay Area figure painters of California. In these paintings I have revisited my past series and used them as background to my figures whom I call my “Women of Interest.” I believe that an artist grows through venturing into previously unexplored subject matter. This move to the inclusion of figures into my work has been both challenging and rewarding.


Art Harrington grew up in Williamsport, PA. He graduated from Kutztown University, Kutztown, PA with a Bachelor’s degree in Art Education and continued graduate work at Syracuse University and Millersville University, Millersville, PA. He taught art at Stevens Jr. High School in Williamsport, PA for one year, Bradford Area Senior High School for four years, and at Solanco High School in Quarryville, PA from which he retired in 1998 after twenty-nine years.

During his teaching years he coached men’s and women’s cross country, indoor track, and spring track. His athletes have received national recognition and in 1998 he was featured in Sports Illustrated’s, Faces In The Crowd, after his women’s cross country team captured state titles twice within six years. Although he inspired many of his athletes and students to pursue career’s within various forms of art, the continuance of his own art career remained a dream.

Immediately upon his retirement he built a studio in his home in Willow Street, PA. Inspired by a former principal and fellow art teacher at Solanco, Tom Regan, and with encouragement from his friend, Fred Rodger, he began to enter art shows in 1999.


Allison Miller

Artist Statement


My trip to Cuba is the direct inspiration for this body of work.  These paintings are a brief summation of my experiences with the Cuban people and a glimpse of what I saw to be their everyday lives.  The coexistence of beauty and decay throughout the country was obvious to me – this observation is the crux of these paintings.  I incorporated the element of drawing along with painting as a device to represent this idea.  It describes the structure beneath the charm revealed by deterioration.  But, in the end, for me, everything boils down to color and mark – the scaffolding to all of my paintings.


Allison attended the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts. She also studied sports science at the University of Delaware.  She currently lives in Philadelphia.