Featured Artists

March, 2019

March, Celebrating Women Artists!!!

We are excited to be featuring three amazing artists,  each with a very unique voice.  Please take a look below.


As with many artists, Kristin’s journey to becoming an artist was anything but linear.  While always connected to the arts and the creative process, be it studying art history, during a 25-year career as an award-winning apparel designer, or operating her own art gallery, she knew her true passion was in painting.  Ultimately, the desire to create art was too strong and it became obvious it was time to embark on a new path as a full-time artist.

Kristin prefers to work on intimately sized still life’s that draw the viewer close.  “When you’re close to a work and can see the brush strokes, edges, and delicate nuances, I believe it forges a personal connection with the painting as well as the artist.”  The single object still life composition, with a focus on food and flowers, is her primary direction.  “I find a minimal composition creates drama and a boldness while the subject of food or flowers establishes an interesting counterpoint of sensual lushness.”

Her love of the great Dutch artists, both historic and contemporary, provides constant inspiration.  Following in their footsteps by embracing common still life subjects, she finds there is often an immediate connection of the familiar with the viewer. “When a painting elicits an emotional response from the viewer it transcends the visual realm.  Quite simply, art should stir the senses.”

Kristin lives and works in Lancaster.


Mary Roach-Bailey

Mary was born in Seattle and lived in various cities in the U.S. as a child. While a student in the Kutztown University Communications Design Program, she began to collect papers from all over the world. This interest in the dynamics of color and line combined with a love of paper lead to the folding and weaving of colored papers to create vibrant and intricate patterns. The nuance of juxta positioning colors and textures offers the viewer both the pure thrill of color and a meditative impression, like a visual chant, with an occasional bit of whimsy revealed. Some of the weavings are a view of a place, a thing, an idea or a person.

She owes thanks to the girl scouts for teaching her how to weave sit-upons out of newspaper and to the artist Lorie Anderson for reviving that memory. She has shown her work in Philadelphia and West Chester.

Mary lives in West Chester and works both as a freelance graphic designer and a weaver of paper.


Gaylen Bray

Nature, ephemeral, eternal, transcendent, is my inspiration. When I interpret and recreate the natural world in my art, I feel a deep connection to my subject matter and the intimation of something greater outside of myself.  Starting with an image meaningful to me, and using both collage and paint, I build a world in layers, found images, hues, words, together with brushstrokes and washes of color. I find there is a continual transformation of the image as the work proceeds and progresses and different elements are brought into and out of focus. Seeing the world in bits and pieces is a kind of meditation, at times serendipitous as well as deliberate. The result communicates my feelings and thoughts, and often concerns for our environment, our earth and the myriad of creatures that share it.

Gaylen has worked professionally as an artist, designer, and art instructor since graduating from Moore College of Art and Design, Philadelphia, Pa. in 1981 with a BFA in Painting. From 1980-85, she worked for the architectural firm of Robert Venturi, designing and constructing large animal exhibits made of fiberglass at the Philadelphia Zoo, for the George T. Widener Treehouse. In 1986, she was awarded a merit scholarship to pursue graduate work at the University of California, San Diego and California Institute of the Arts. Following graduate studies, she worked in the design field in Los Angeles, CA as a painter, set and graphic designer. Some clients include AGA Oriental Rugs, The Daily Journal Newspaper and Dole Productions for which she created parts of the sets and animation for the Pee Wee Herman Christmas Special, 1988. She has worked for the PA Council of the Arts as an artist-in-residence in many schools throughout PA, creating murals, museum exhibits, outdoor sculpture and portraiture. Gaylen earned her Masters in Education from Cabrini College in 2012, and recently retired from the school District of Lancaster having taught grades K-8 since 1993. Her art has been shown nationally; Locks Gallery, Philadelphia, PA., Pasadena Art Museum, Lancaster Museum of Art, Lancaster, PA and Pennsylvania College of Art and Design, Lancaster Pa, where she was an adjunct faculty member from 1990-1993. Gaylen has been an exhibiting guest artist at Red Raven Art Company, Lancaster, PA since 2010.