Featured Artists

June, 2020

As we navigate our way through this pandemic, we are pleased to be physically bringing our June show into the gallery. We would be glad to have you stop into see the show by appointment only. Hopefully we will be open by July. We will announce our physical reopening the minute we know. In the meantime, enjoy our June show!


Patricia Wertz

“Dualities ….a shifting landscape”

As I was preparing for this exhibit last summer I wanted to stretch my artistic development by exploring the urban landscape. I became intrigued by the narrative that cities provide with their geometric shapes, gritty colors, hard edges and density of structures.

Then our world turned upside down.

I found myself pivoting away from the urban narrative to react and respond to the ongoing moment in time we are faced with in the global pandemic.These past few months have been one of profound changes for everyone on the planet. I yearned to respond through my art the impact it has on me as a painter. I saw it as an opportunity.The motif as well as the color palette shifted from the somber neutrals of the cityscapes, to one of brighter colors and everyday spaces in a suburban neighborhood. The work takes on a serenely quiet and lonely time. No people to speak of . No activity. Just waiting to open up like a play before the actors take to the stage. The paintings have a dreamlike quality to them.The duality is that this has been the most beautiful of springs and yet it shares the same space with such profound sadness.  And yes, our world as we know it will forever change but hopefully for the better.


Patricia Wertz is a contemporary painter based out of York PA. Having graduated from Moore College of Art, Philadelphia PA. Pat worked as a graphic designer in advertising and magazine publication in Boston, Philadelphia and Southern California. In 1979 she moved to Lancaster designing for Armstrong World Industries. During her tenure with Armstrong she traveled extensively in the United States, Europe and the Pacific Rim. Her work can best be described as painterly realism utilizing direct observation with invention. Here work in oils range from the landscape, floral, figurative and the narrative. She is represented in public and private collections.


Lynnette Shelley

“Nature’s Song”

Lynnette Shelley is an award-winning Pennsylvania artist specializing in contemporary mixed media animal paintings. Having a great love of wildlife, patterns and archetypes, Shelley fuses these influences into her strikingly unique artworks. Her paintings strike a primal chord in many viewers, with almost Jungian associations to the colors and shapes. Her highly detailed and complex compositions are created using a sophisticated process developed from a buildup of multiple layers incorporating techniques in both drawing and painting – from crosshatching to dry brushing to ink wash and freehand drawing.

Originally from Delaware, Shelley lives in Ambler, Pennsylvania, and maintains a private studio in Norristown.

“One of my primary artistic interests is exploring animals, icons and archetypes. Whether painted on cave walls, portrayed as omens or totems or even worshiped as personifications of the gods, animals were a favorite motif for our ancestors, and they still continue to infatuate people today. Animalistic imagery and themes can be seen in pop culture in everything from folklore and mythology to cartoons, logos and mascots. My artwork takes a closer look at this archetypal animal kingdom. Reinterpreted through art, abstraction, decorative element and contemporary vision, these creatures speak to our collective unconscious.”

“In addition, I like to paint artworks incorporating endangered or extinct animals, and also unusual animals, to bring awareness to what we as humans are doing to our planet, as well as to explore all the varieties of life around us.”