Featured Artists

April: Jenny Germann and Dave Krantz

Jenny Germann

Artist Statement

Jenny Germann creates location specific wood burned paintings. She immerses herself in a variety of regions and cultures in order to reflect the narratives of an area. Her work draws influence from her travels and experiences.
She uses a blend of pyrography (woodburning) and painting. Pyrography lends a controlled and physically satisfying aspect to the work, whereas the painting is experimental and evocative. She mixes the mediums as a way to communicate her perspective, using making as a form of introspection, observation, and personal expression.


Jenny’s work is framed by her husband, designer and cabinetmaker Evan Germann. Her wood burned paintings are currently available at Red Raven Art Company in Lancaster, PA and Exhibit B Gallery in Souderton, PA. Born in Kansas, Jenny lives and works in Lancaster, PA.  She earned her BFA from the University of Kansas and her MS from Eastern University.


Dave Krantz

Clearview Road

We lived at Clearview Road for four years. It was a working Amish farm, and we shared the large brick house with an Amish family.  To passers by it was just another Lancaster County farm. To me, it was special because of the light both inside the house and out. It was also special because our two boys were born while we lived there.The ever changing shadows are like people….always different, always changing.  I have revisited this theme many times over the years and painted many versions of the farm.Over the years I’ve returned to the farm only a few times. Like the shadows and my boys, it too has changed. The memories remain the same. I am sometimes reminiscent of that time when some things were much easier and less complicated. Sometimes, I long for the sounds and smells of life around that big house. I miss the smell of fresh cut hay and the sound of a team of mules outside.  I miss the sound of the distant train and the horses cresting the hill and slowly making their way down the road. I miss the glowing evening light and the long shadows. Mostly I miss the sound of small footsteps.


David Krantz has a B.S. in Art Education from Kutztown University.  He is a native Lancastrian who spent his childhood on his family’s dairy farm in the southern end of the county.  Memories of growing up surrounded by farmland and his love of the way natural light plays against buildings and objects are often focal points in his work.  He has been painting and exhibiting professionally since 1991, and has won numerous local and national awards.  David resides in Lancaster with his wife and two sons.