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Another Successful Art4Everyone Event!

Thank you to all our faithful supporters as we successfully completed this year’s Art4Everyone Event. It was so much fun and we had our line for art…..spread out over 7 hours with timed entries.  The Consensus was that we should consider doing this exactly the same next year!  We had 242 panels of original artwork.  We sold over 200 today alone!  There are still about 40 left so feel free to stop down.



November 2020

Thank you to all of our Gizmo/Leroy Fundraiser Supporters!  Here are a few of our “WINNERS”


Jennie Valiante

Marcy McTigue

Elizabeth McCardell

Dan Falvey

Dawn Zook

Bonnie Dorsey

Rick Baker

Tisha Ressel

Diane Young

Tracy Pierce

David Lyall

Dorothy Yuska