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May’s First Friday and Artwalk Weekend

First Friday was unbelievably clear and cool,  not a rain drop in site!  We had a great night with lots going on.  Pictured above, (left to Right) Featured Artist, Robert Patierno and Jan Wier,  Highlight Artist Lee Lovett, Emerging Artist Jia Li (Also winner of the Red Raven Art Scholarship), and owners Fred Rodger, Gina Martin, and Art Harrington.

Aside from what was happening on the inside of Red Raven,  we also spotlighted Rhoda Kahler and Darcie Goldberg who brought 24/7 Project Lancaster to life. The two artists walked around Lancaster for a full 24 hour period of time yesterday into today…. taking photographs and making clay impressions of architectural details.  They met the people,  researched the history of our town, explored the buildings, and connected with the community for a full 24 hours.  They will take all of this collected information and create a show for Red Raven, of mixed media art pieces which will take place next May, 2020. They even made the WGAL news!!  It was truly a special 24 hours and many of our customers checked in with them as they traveled around town.