First Friday and Gallery Row were packed last night.  It was a cold rainy day but dried off just enough that art lovers came out for the beginning of ArtWalk Weekend.  Don’t miss this show as Dorothy Frey and Jenny Germann have stunning shows.  We are highlighting Lee Lovett and our Emerging artist is Samantha Dillman.  Artwalk Weekend hours extend both Saturday and Sunday!

Gallery Row was booming First Friday evening.  Lots of people came down for the show and we are so excited that Lancaster’s Art Scene is so well supported.

_DSC2490Lynnette, Dawn, and Gail

Although we all thought Spring was here,  an Arctic blast hit Gallery Row last night at First Friday’s Artist Reception.  At least that is what everyone felt.  It was a quiet night but we had been busy all day long.  Artists Lynnette Shelley and Gail Troutman were celebrating with art collector Dawn, who purchased a piece from each of them!  (pictured above)  It is truly a great and colorful show,  stop in and help us celebrate our women artists!!


Well here we are in 2017, and see above as “Fred”  meets “Fred” in our latest Found Object Exhibit.  Also Bryan Fellenbaum is our latest Emerging Artist who also happens to create things with found objects. Stop down to Gallery Row to see the show!  Happy New Year, here we come.


Music for Everyone’s “Willie Marble” blues band arrived as usual on December’s First Friday.  We had the whole place jumping. Line Dancing and all!  December is always so much fun for artists and customers alike.  There are over 100 pieces of new art, done by over 35 artists in the gallery right now.  We have the perfect gift for everyone!!

Thank you to all who donated to our Gizmo/Leroy October fundraiser.  100% of the money raised will benefit critters in our city who need surgery’s via VCA Animal Hospital.  Congratulations to this year’s winners of raffled artwork!

Jim Castanzo, Marcie, Dawn Zook, Christi Stewart, Judy, Ann H, Peggy Bender, Chris Harzinski, Gay Zimmerman, and Dan Falvey.


First Friday was busy with both artists and art lovers alike!  Gallery Row was bustling as we all realize that yes,  November is here and the holidays are upon us.  The Gallery is full of artwork and we hope you will stop down to take a look.  Also,  don’t forget to mark your calendars for our 5th annual Art4Everyone event.  4 x 4 panels of original art for $40 each!!!