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July: Stuart Dunkel


Stuart Dunkel

Massachusetts’ Nationally Known Artist

Give a brief description of your upcoming show. And what might have inspired it.


Gallery director Lee Lovett,  sent me images of the central market and I imagined a mouse later at night going thru all the goodies to be found.  I thought up situations he would find himself, comical and serious, as he makes his way thru the aisles.  I love the textures of the fruit tarts and the marbled stones, and it is a challenge for a still life painter to depict the difficult surfaces.


How have you expanded existing themes/ideas for which you are best known/or if this body of work is a great deviation from your norm, what inspired this new approach?


I tried to build in more of a relationship between  the object with the mouse, creating a psychological undertone in a funny situation or a confusing one.


Stylistically and/or technically, what do you hope collectors notice in your new work?

I hope that before the viewer makes out the content of the work, the abstract design and balance are pleasing and interesting from a distance.


Add any additional info that might interest the viewer.

All my mice paintings are autobiographical and I hope that viewers will purchase my book for further insights into who I am.