Featured Artists

November, 2018

Rhoda Kahler

“Dwellings and the Alphabet City”

“The inspiration of my Alphabet City Series came from my trip to Spain ten years ago.  The idea came to me when we were driving through the countryside of the White Hill Towns, taking windy, narrow roads past orchards of olive and cork trees, past shepherds tending to their sheep.  Around bends in the road, we would come upon these little towns of block-like, lime-washed white buildings stacked into the side of a mountain.  Instantly, curiously, it reminded me of my collection of old Philadelphia printing press letters that I had rescued (for a small price) years ago at an antique market from the days of old letterpress type.  There was an association I felt, a kinship between these two very different things- city and block letters. I could feel something clicking together. I immediately began sketching the bucolic vistas while my husband was driving; I could not wait to put this inspiration into clay”.


Rhoda Kahler is a ceramic artist with a studio in West Chester, Pennsylvania Her work has been featured internationally, nationally, and regionally in magazines, newspapers and television, including on the Home and Garden Television network (HGTV) and Crave Magazine. In addition to exhibiting in galleries, Kahler’s large scale handmade tile murals and sculptures appear in public and private collections. Kahler conducts workshops nationally and participates in a wide range of Artist Residencies, some of which include the Philadelphia Museum of Art and Inglis House. Kahler is an adjunct faculty member at West Chester University, where she received her bachelor of fine art degree in 1995


Georganna Lenssen

“Perception Marked”

“This body of work presents a sampling of both plein air and studio work.  Regarding still life work, while I still love painting solitary, items – fruit, pastry or flowers to name a few, lately I find the interrelationships of multiple items almost randomly thrown together both challenging and engaging.  The chaos of colors, shapes and textures presents a myriad of possibilities.  Translating and orchestrating this into marks and surface textures is exciting and stimulating.

As for plein air work, it parallels the above in the sense that I am creating order out of nature’s chaos and translating it into marks, textures, and color relationships.

My work presents the culmination of response, absorption and interpretation of place or content.  From exquisitely patterned African wild dogs to densely sensual, frosted cakes to the evocative nature of abandoned structures and the secrets they house within   – a thread of commonality exists – the multi-faceted richness of imagery.  Opacities, transparencies and iridescences offer a myriad of painterly opportunities.  Here is where instinct, memory and sensation merge for me, creating a visual language of mark making, color interaction and finally the landscape of the painted surface. “


Born in Seoul, Korea, Georganna Lenssen graduated from Villanova University and Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts.  Prizes awarded include The Roy Lance Lauffer Memorial Prize and The Elizabeth Arramark Scholarship. Georganna currently teaches painting and drawing at the Wayne Art Center.  She is represented by galleries including The Rosenfeld Gallery in Philadelphia and West Branch Gallery in Stowe, VT.