Featured Artists

July 2018

Scott Cantrell

“A Viewer’s Perspective”

Give a brief description of your upcoming show. And what might have inspired it.

There is no doubt that my trip to France and Italy last summer inspired this show.  Though I have made a pilgrimage to Florence several times, this was my first time to Paris where I was surprised to find such a kinship and awe inspiring history.  This body of work is a response to the artwork I saw while on my travels, communicating the surprises that struck me: the colors of the museum walls, the context of the frames, the dramatic lighting and shadows around these frames, the finishes and of course the master techniques in paint.  I came home and wanted to relive and reflect on those experiences as well as share them with others.

How have you expanded existing themes/ideas for which you are best known/or if this body of work is a great deviation from your norm, what inspired this new approach?

I have two main bodies of work that I have been developing over my artistic career.  The first is tackling nostalgia via conceptual sculpture, collage, drawing and painting.  The second is addressing the history of art and how we access it.  The current show is part of the ladder; it reflects on the European’s colored walls in their great museums in contrast to the white walls of American Museums.  This seemingly small difference shocked my palette.  The saturated deep colors allow the highlights to sing and create a curtain of drama to lay upon.  Unlike the clean white palette of the U.S. that contrasts the darks having center stage.  The Louvre, Orsay and Uffizi all had the rich colors that varied room to room as compared to the Met, MOMA and PMA that I am use to; finding positives and negatives in both, but realizing now that white walls are a modern invention to the art museum and not how art was viewed before the 20th century.  All and all I am celebrating and learning from the history of art by restaging great works for a contemporary viewer.  This is in hopes that the viewer looks again, thinks and learns more about the history of art.

Stylistically and/or technically, what do you hope collectors notice in your new work?

I hope the viewer recognizes that I am using differing techniques for each piece as I am researching the processes of the artists and mimicking them in the fashion that they would have created them in.  Beyond this, the finish changes, color contrasts and edges qualities are technical aspects I found interest in while creating this series.

Add any additional info that might interest the viewer.

I don’t see these as reproductions just as a documentarian that deals with the civil war wouldn’t consider their work a reenactment.  Like a documentarian, I am discussing a particular angle, from my own point view, I am attempting to point out something interesting that makes the master paintings reliant on the concept I am conveying.

Jennifer Hartz

“The Forgotten Body Series”

“My recent work is a continuation of my exploration into themes of identity, the fragility of the human body and the interactions/connections we experience as humans.  The work included in the Forgotten Bodies Series was inspired by the layers of memories within each of us that hold a multitude of experiences and emotions that we tend to keep buried away or even forget, but still play a major role in who we are and how we see and respond to the world around us.  My process includes combining different mediums which allows me to respond to the materials and work intuitively.  I have found my passion is in the process.  Although I have an image in my mind beforehand and create hundreds of thumbnail sketches, inevitably the work naturally evolves as each of the mediums respond to each other on the panel. “


Jennifer Hartz is a painter, printmaker and mixed media artist currently residing in South Eastern Pennsylvania with her daughter Sage.  Hartz graduated with her MFA from the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, Philadelphia Pennsylvania, in May 2017. She graduated Summa Cum Laude from West Chester University of Pennsylvania in December 2014 with her BFA and she attended the California College of the Arts in Oakland California in the late 1990’s.  In 2017, she attended the Lacawac Artist Residency (PA) and was an Art at Lunch Speaker at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts. Hartz has also been an Arts Juror at the Center for the Creative Arts (DE) for their Members Exhibition. She has participated in numerous art shows throughout the region and is scheduled to participate in an upcoming exhibition at the Art Trust in West Chester, PA this summer.