Featured Artists

October, 2018

Mitch Lyons  1938 – 2018

We are all so very sad to lose Mitch Lyons as both artist and friend.  He will be sorely missed.  Please do come in to see his last body of work.  We scheduled this show with Mitch almost two years ago.  We are including below his last artist statement that he gave us.

Please consider making a donation to “The Mitch Lyons Clay Scholarship Fund” which will provide a deserving Lancaster County High School clay student $500 annually toward art college in Mitch’s name.


Artist Statement


Telling stories with clay goes back thousands of years, starting with images painted on cave walls.  With my work, I have chosen to use the human figure to celebrate this tradition by inlaying colored clays and slips into my ceramic work.


Printing with colored clay fills me with a sense of joy and wonder. It is the most satisfying and cathartic experience I have ever had. Adding pigments to porcelain slip that is then applied to a wet slab of clay and printed onto paper, produces such luminosity that I feel other mediums lack.  My work is about making marks into clay.  The process rewards the product. Even after all these years, I still have more questions about printing with clay than answers.


Mitch Lyons earned his Master’s degree in ceramics after completing his undergraduate degree in graphics. He has taught at West Chester University, Moore College of Art, and Alfred University.  Since 1980 he has been a full-time artist producing images on clay vessels fired in a salt kiln.  His work can be found in many museums, including the Brooklyn Museum of Art, Delaware Art Museum, Noyse Museum and many private collections.  Mitch resides in New London, Pennsylvania.