Featured Artists

April 2018

Jackie Madsen

“I find it hard to characterize my work. I am influenced by the study of art and I look to my artistic heroes for inspiration, but I don’t think I fit into a stylistic period or can say there is one particular artist I emulate. I am a buffet, changing, evolving every day. The actual process of charcoal to paper or brush to canvas is my inspiration. Each piece evolving from the moment. Tentative traces and bold marks reflect the progression. My work for this show was inspired by my own furry children and the amazing animals I see every day on my walks with Bella in Musser park and in the fields and farms of Lancaster County. Animal portraits can be lifeless or generic so I have tried to incorporate a sense of whimsy and imagination in this body of work. Ive tried to give each subject their own unique personality. Drawing is my first love and so the lines drawn with charcoal or graphite transfer my work into what I call a “painted drawing”. Thick black strokes or tentative pale traces define the edges and create the fusion of graphics and paint. An element to my work that can’t be created with only a brush. I attend figure drawing sessions here in the city and I frequently use the human figure as the subject matter in my work. I love the emotion and personality that the figure conveys. In this body of work, especially“The Dog Walkers” and “Yellow Dress”, my 2 favorite subjects are combined. The use of stamps and collage elements in the works on paper tell a story or give mystery to the piece. The viewer can lend their interpretation. Constantly changing,ever evolving, always searching are adjectives which describe this body of work and my life.

Jackie lives in Lancaster city with her furry children Bella, a doodle and Fiona,a fluffy calico cat. Jackie graduated from Kutztown University with a BS in art education, and continued graduate work at Millersville University,The Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Art in Philadelphia, Maryland College of Art , and Penn State University. Jackie currently is retired from a 25 year teaching career from Donegal High School, teaching advanced level drawing and painting classes. Teaching is her love and inspiration and many of her students have gone on to successful careers in the fine and applied arts.


Terry Wise

Give a brief description of your upcoming show. And what might have inspired it.

This show consists of colorful still life paintings, inspired mainly by the lively gatherings of family and friends that have so enriched my life. My husband is the better chef in our house, but I love to set a beautiful table with colorful tablecloth, napkins, and a variety of plates collected for family weddings. A series of small paintings are simpler still life tabletops, just a tiny slice of kitchen activity.

How have you expanded existing themes/ideas for which you are best known/or if this body of work is a great deviation from your norm, what inspired this new approach?

Two of the included paintings, Family and Wedding Plates, are the very first ones I painted with a variety of plates on a tipped view of the tabletop. Since then, I have used this theme in many different formats and combinations, including the newest versions, Uncommon Denominator and Side by Side. In general, I love still life, so I’m happy to have created new ones for this show.

Stylistically and/or technically, what do you hope collectors notice in your new work?

I hope collectors will notice the layering of colors and patterns throughout my paintings, beginning with underpainting and block printing. In the series of small paintings on wood panels, the printed effect is embossed into a thick oil ground and the color is added in layers of translucent paint. I love experimenting with materials and additive effects.

Add any additional info that might interest the viewer.

I am most excited about 2 other paintings created along with this series, but they were too large for this show.